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Slovenia Real Estate

Welcome to Slovenia Real Estate, Your Partner for Property and Investment in Slovenia.
My name is Geraint George. 25 years ago I first started visiting Slovenia and fell in love with the country, its people and lifestyle.
In March 2005 I set up the first Slovene registered company to be British managed employing licensed real estate agents.
We provide non-Slovene buyers and investors with the safest way to buy property and make other investments in Slovenia and Croatia.  
What we do                                               We do not
  • Deal with you personally                          - Pass you on to others
  • Ensure you pay only what locals pay      - Let you pay inflated foreign buyer prices
  • Manage and support your property         - Abandon you after a sale
  • Negotiate on your behalf                          - Advise you buy privately
  • Organise your full viewing trip                 - Waste your time and money
How we do it                                             Why we do it this way
  • We only employ Licensed Agents            - It is Illegal to sell otherwise
  • The company is fully Insured                    - Obligatory and for your peace of mind
  • We have offices in Slovenia                     - As required by Slovene law
  • We have a UK office in Ascot                  - Convenient for initial meetings
  • We blend the business cultures               - You get an excellent service
We provide a comprehensive, regulated and expert service rather than act as an Internet portal or property collection website. Some introducers and middlemen are not regulated and therefore do not afford you any direct protection as the law requires in Slovenia.  We believe in creating relationships with other quality companies and personnel based upon honesty, mutual respect and trust. Our Slovene registered company name, which is Partner Nepremicnine d o o (Partner Real Estate), reflects this ethos.